Bastille – Bad Blood – CD

Bastille – Bad Blood – CD

Bastille – Bad BloodBastille – Bad Blood – CD
(Virgin Records) Like many others I became aware of Bastille due to their infectious hit “Pompeii” with its great driving rhythm, haunting vocal lines and unique instrumentation structure. As I dug deeper into this indie electronic band’s album the more I was captivated by their upgrade to the 80′s electronica sound and subtle layering which was absent in so many releases in the 00′s. You can hear elements of Coldplay, Imogen Heap and Snow Patrol in their songs, but they have their own sound and style which is rich, crisp and clean…but still retains a bit of rough interest at times. A great new band who I hope to hear more from soon.
- Grog Mutant (2013)

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