Big Angry Fish! – The 13 Electric Turn-Ons – CD

Big Angry Fish! – The 13 Electric Turn-Ons – CD

big-angry-fish-the-13-electric-turn-ons-cdBig Angry Fish! – The 13 Electric Turn-Ons – CD
(Beluga Records) Let’s talk about Sohio, the fifth and best song on the CD. When I start reviewing I listen to a couple of songs, and then prioritize all the CD’s according to really good and really bad. This CD got stuck in the middle of the slush pile, because to be honest the first couple of songs didn’t do a damn thing. Then later I was listening to the whole thing and something strange happened. Right around Sohio, this other really cool band stepped in and started playing great and catchy songs in the Sebadoh/Pavement School. The middle of the CD is great. There’s an EP of good songs there and Sohio is the best among them.
- Superchunk Steve (2000)

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