Billy Mahonie – The Big Dig – CD

Billy Mahonie – The Big Dig – CD

Billy-Mahonie---The-Big-Dig---CDBilly Mahonie – The Big Dig – CD
(Beggars Banquet) Boy, this one is a tough one to really put my finger on. It’s all instrumental. The name of the band seems to come from a character in the cool film Flatliners, starring K. Sutherland, J. Roberts, K. Bacon, etc. I really liked this CD immensely and yet I’m at a loss to really describe what it sounds like. Maybe I’m just tired (Grog really IS a slave drivin’ bastard!) Let me put it this way, it’s not really jazz, punk rock or any other specific genre, but it has elements of a few genres. The music is mostly composed of two guitars, drums and bass. Well shit, they’re from London and on Bauhaus’ label, so that should tell you something! If you like something good and out of the ordinary, this just might be your thing!
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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