Blue Taxi – Ridin’ Shotgun – CD

Blue Taxi – Ridin’ Shotgun – CD

Blue-Taxi---Ridin-Shotgun---CDBlue Taxi – Ridin’ Shotgun – CD
(Mudpuppie Records) I gotta admit that I have a weakness for good blues. The kind you’d hear in a little, out-of-the-way club on a cross-country trip. The kind that nameless bands play for nameless audiences. Blue Taxi, out of a little town called Penisula, Ohio, are just that sort of band. Their guitarist, Bill “Cap” Capuano, has all the hot licks down cold, extending his notes for just the right amount of time ? time enough for the audience to savor their flavor. Vocalist Theresa Capuano has that sultry, ’40s-esque quality to her voice. Bob Capuano on drums provides a steady backbeat, while Kurt England on bass nails it cold. The band does better on its faster numbers; they don’t quite gell as well on the slower ballads. Make sure to check out the cover of George Harrison’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
- Fibi Mutant (2000)

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