Brand Bland – Little Ms. Aneroxia – Cassette

Brand Bland – Little Ms. Aneroxia – Cassette

Missing-CoverBrand Bland – Little Ms. Aneroxia – Cassette
The name is a real misnomer, since they are far from bland. You get some great riot grrrl rock from my friend (and fellow grrrl-gorer) Chloe Snot and friends (husband Moss and bassist Danny). Brand Bland have a harsh sound with loads of feedback, sometimes controlled, sometimes on the attack. They even throw in a cameo from Hello Kitty. The cassette was recorded on a four-track and you can tell, but that’s just how raw punk rawk should sound. Chloe’s voice rages at times in total emotional anger that isn’t forced or faked. For a taste of some great pissed off punk ala Pet UFO, Bugatti Type 35 or Nativ Rage try Brand Bland. They will soon have a release out on Austraila’s PDR Records
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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