Chris McCoy – June Ten EP – CD

Chris McCoy – June Ten EP – CD
(Goodjuju Records) True Story. I put on this CD at work and as one of my co-workers passed my office she stuck her head in and asked who the band was. I then gave it to her to listen to and 5-minutes later, she came back and said she wanted to know how she could get the CD for herself. I let her take the CD home so one of her friends could listen to it and the same thing happened. With all the music that I listen to that is the only time that has happened. This CD is that good. What’s even more amazing is that Chris recorded this CD live at Canal Street with just his guitar and Tim Buckly-ish falsetto voice. While all the songs on this release are gems, the one that kicks it off, “Goodnight” is one of the most well-written, well-sung songs that I have ever heard. Chris is currently in the studio with his band working on a full-length CD. In the meantime, get this CD because it is utterly fantastic. {Mite}

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