Cloud – Baywatch – A Musical Tribute – Cassette

Cloud – Baywatch – A Musical Tribute – Cassette

Missing-CoverCloud – Baywatch – A Musical Tribute – Cassette
(Semper Lo-Fi) I’ve never seen an episode of Baywatch. Sure, I’ve seen snippets and recognize some of the people who have been on the show, but that’s about it. So, this tribute doesn’t really do much for me, as far as connecting the songs to the characters.

Anyway, the music is all instrumental and a mix of hard rock, prog rock, classic rock and wanking. Each song has it’s own style which I can only assume fits the style of the person the song is named in honor of. As you can tell I’m pretty clueless about this one…hmmm maybe a Clueless tribute…
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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