Darlington / Huntingtons – Split – CD

Darlington / Huntingtons – Split – CD

Darlington Huntingtons - Split - CDDarlington / Huntingtons – Split – CD
(Melted Records) There’s a hot bowling alley babe with pigtails on the cover, obviously in reference to the title of the CD. I’ve heard and read in other previous reviews of The Huntingtons that they’re just a Ramones rip-off, but hadn’t heard their music until now. I think that’s a good observation, but it’s unfair to try to oversimplify their sound. Yes, they sound like The Ramones with bouncy catchy pop punk tunes and they all wear matching leather biker jackets and all have the same “last name”, but they aren’t totally like their idols. The Huntingtons combine that great old school sound with more recent pop punk band’s sounds, so I guess it would be fair to say that The Huntingtons are a good modern take on The Ramones with a little bit of their own thing thrown in. I’d like to hear more from them in the future. Darlington is another tight pop punk band who pay homage to the originators. With songs about “Pogo Beach parties” and college dorm make-outs, they’re a whole lotta fun!
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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