Drown – Kerosene – CD

Drown – Kerosene – CD

drown-kerosene-cdDrown – Kerosene – CD
(Slipdisc Records) / Mercury) I don’t know, isn’t there enough of this around…this is Korn wannabee stuff. I mean, I could definitely hear this on top 40 alternacrap radio and MTV. It seems like more product because they know the market is ripe for the picking kinda music. Basically, the featured song Kerosene is saying “I’m a bored fucking white trash kid, I’m bored and since I have nothing better to do and I see some flammable substances so I’m gonna torch myself!” Maybe it’s also a veiled huffing reference. Who knows, who gives a shit! Oooo, they even have a politically correct in Espanol version! Oh, and there’s a version for the radio that omits the “fuck each other” lines! Just what I needed. The remix Something To Do was a bit better; dark and Trent Reznor-ish.
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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