Fockewolf – Die Toten Weg – CD

Fockewolf  – Die Toten Weg – CD

Fockewolf – Die Toten Weg – CD
(ADSR Musicwerks) An excellent up-and-coming Goth / Darkwave / EBM act, Fockewolf is the Siamese twin sister of label mates Noxious Emotion out of Seattle. Both bands share members, and I had the pleasure of meeting them all when they performed in Cleveland with soon to be label mates, ThouShaltNot in late 1999. Fockewolf has a great vocalist, the morbidly luscious Severina Sol, who emulates Siouxsie Sioux and her sublime soaring voice. At times she also sounds like Tina Root of Switchblade Symphony, which makes sense since they are descendants of the royal Gothic Queen Mother. R. Wilhelm is the alternate vocalist, and he has that classic Bill Leeb / Front Line Assembly -esque Industrial growl. The music itself is danceable as a motherfucker! It blends elements of so many genres and sub-genres so masterfully. This is one of those CDs that once I get it in the mail, it doesn’t leave my CD player for weeks! And I can’t neglect to mention the percussionist, Andru Craver, who lends his full-force primal drumming skills and creates an unparalleled live performance. Track nine, “Crematoria” starts out sounding like it could have been taken from the FLA album “Millennium” on its first track, “Vigilante”, but then it shifts into a cold and fluttering Severina vocal barrage. Damn, I am overwhelmed by this disc! It delivers so much solid hard-hitting moodiness, but it’s the kind that makes me happy. – {Tom CoreKill}

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