Ford Theatre Reunion – Famous Monsters – CD

Ford Theatre Reunion – Famous Monsters – CD

Ford Theatre Reunion – Famous Monsters - CDFord Theatre Reunion – Famous Monsters – CD
Wow, what can I say about this band that I have grown to love so much. I have had the privilege to see this band live many times and even spend time with them so I guess I am a bit biased…but they really are an amazing band. This self-described circus-punk band run through a variety of styles and time signatures often times within the same song. Sure they have a firm grounding in rock, but they really blend in a heavy blues and swamp influence with a side of jazz and a sprinkle of vaudeville for extra fun. With three very capable vocalists FTR has the ability to meld their sound to fit the mood of the story being told. And yes they are master story tellers, with songs about creatures large and small. Another aspect of this band which I love so much is their unconventional instrumentation: a vocalist / guitarist / banjoist, a vocalist / keyboardist / clarinetist, a vocalist / accordionist, a bassist and a drummer / percussionist. On this release and sometimes live they are also joined by a trumpet player. As much as I love this release they are one of those bands who is even better live due to their energy and the way their songs evolve over time.
- Grog Mutant (2013)

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