Gates of Ishtar – The Dawn of Flames – CD

Gates of Ishtar – The Dawn of Flames – CD

Gates-of-Ishtar---The-Dawn-of-Flames---CDGates of Ishtar – The Dawn of Flames – CD
(Metal Blade Records) Basic metal that I’ve heard too much already. Slow intros and guitar wanking solos, fast thrashy verses and chorus with a gravely voiced screamer. When this type of metal first appeared I was into it (I also got stoned way back then) but now it seems old and dated. I can see all the stoned long haired metal kids in their leathers or jean jackets banging their heads and playing air-guitar. If you’re into that stuff, this is for you. Otherwise, you can use it as a coaster.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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