Guided By Voices – “Do The Collapse” – CD

Guided By Voices – “Do The Collapse” – CD

guided-by-voices-do-the-collapse-cdGuided By Voices – “Do The Collapse” – CD
(TVT Records) There’s not one not-great song on this whole record. It’s their best record since “Bee Thousand”. Everything is strong on it. They shake their ‘Lo-fi hero’ status and let the songs speak for themselves. Ric Ocasek was behind the board, and has given “Do the Collapse” that great mid-eighties power pop sound. People have been throwing shit at GBV since this record came out, shouting sell-out. None of those reviews say a damn thing about the songs, which are the point, and seem to care more that Pollard set aside his four track, than the fact that these are some of the best songs he’s written. Well, I’m sick of listening to these shitheads who think they can spend the rest of their lives reviewing their hip buddies while ignoring the MUSIC! These people live for sipping martinis backstage, and god forbid they ever have to step out front and actually listen to music with the commoners. “A perversion not known to the perfect ones.” If, deep in your heart, there’s a ratty couch, sitting on a front porch where a poet is perched, drinking Rolling Rock and tapping his foot in blue collar moments of exhausted wonder, this is your soundtrack.
- Superchunk Steve (2000)

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