India.Arie – Acoustic Soul – CD

India.Arie – Acoustic Soul – CD

Missing-CoverIndia.Arie – Acoustic Soul – CD
(Universal Music Company) I’ve said on other reviews that I’m really not a big fan or R&B. This is mostly due to that the R&B I’m most exposed to is the type that’s played on pop radio stations. It’s like in the past when I really didn’t like jazz, because the only jazz I knew was Kenny GIndia Arie is an R&B singer that I can get into. One reason for this is that I wouldn’t really classify the music as pure R&B, it also has elements of folk and soul to it as well. Hence the title of the CD Acoustic Soul.

India’s vocals are soft and smooth and seem to glide out of the speakers and around the room. I like that while she has the strong vocal ability she doesn’t feel the need to show them off by doing the vocal acrobatics that so many other artists do and annoys me to no end. My favorite song on this release is “Brown Skin” and judging by the 3 remixes of this tune on the bonus CD it’s other people’s favorite as well. Other standout’s include “Video” and “Strength, Courage & Wisdom” both of which appear on the bonus CD as well.
– Mite Mutant (2008)

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