Joe Walsh – The Definitive Collection – CD

Joe Walsh – The Definitive Collection – CD

Joe-Walsh-–-The-Definitive-Collection-–-CDJoe Walsh – The Definitive Collection – CD 
(Universal Records) Another collection of Joe Walsh tunes. I think this one is better than the last due to the inclusion of more of my favorite songs. You get four from his James Gang days and eleven solo tracks including: “Funk #49″, “Walk Away”, “Turn To Stone”, “Rocky Mountain Way”, “Life’s Been Good”, “All Night Long” and “The Confessor”. One thing I noticed while listening is that Joe Walsh is a hit or miss guy for me. Some of his songs I love, others I think are utter crap. I respect him and admire his talent, but I still can’t listen to a whole album of his straight through…even if it is a greatest hits release.
– Grog Mutant (2006)

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