Joshua – A Whole New Theory – CD

Joshua – A Whole New Theory – CD

joshua-a-whole-new-theory-cdJoshua – A Whole New Theory – CD
(Doghouse Records) Toledo! Fuckin’ Toledo? Come on. I grew up in that shitty, rusting ghost town, and when I left (okay it was ten years ago) there wasn’t a goddam thing going on musically or otherwise. But here is this Joshua band. I pick up the CD and I’m digging it. Revved-up progressive rock with it’s own voice and some serious good songwriting. Kind of Jawbox-y. I like it a lot. Then I glance down at the band and label info and suddenly I’m back in High School in Toledo with a bunch of assholes (like Terry Desmond, god I still hate that fucker) beating up kids wearing Cure T-shirts. Well, there’s hope! This is good band and a good CD, so more power to you, Toledo! (I hope I get more good music from Toledo, so I can work through some of these issues. By the way, if any of you do happen to run into Terry, tell him I said, “Go fuck yourself, jock asshole”. This is a cool CD, though. I can’t turn it off! It’s really good. I mean it. HEY! Pay attention, dammit.)
- Superchunk Steve (2000)

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