Karma To Burn – Wild Wonderful Purgatory – CD

Karma To Burn – Wild Wonderful Purgatory – CD

Karma-To-Burn---Wild-Wonderful-Purgatory---CDKarma To Burn – Wild Wonderful Purgatory – CD
(MIA Records) There was no song list anywhere on the packaging or even on the disc itself. It also sounds like there are no vocals on any of the songs except in rare instances. The first track begins with a woman’s voice sampled saying, “We’re all ready for tonight. How about you, shit head?!” and later on someone quietly yells “Tequila” during a break down in the music. The rest of the album is hard drivin’ guitar screamin’ n growlin’ rock n roll. Plus there’s a good bit of gurrrly paintings all over the packaging. This seems like it could be a good underscore for a movie, but don’t ask me what kind.
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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