Kool & The Gang – The Millennium Collection – CD

Kool & The Gang – The Millennium Collection – CD
(Mercury Records / Universal) This appeals to my nostalgic side. I remember many of the songs on this collection from when I was first discovering Top 40 radio / pop music back in the mid 80′s. I feel that much of the music on the radio back then was pretty damn good. Later on, I became disillusioned with what Z-93 (our local Dayton, OH Top 40 station) was broadcasting. I came to realize it was almost entirely “product”, and we were having this shit shoved down our throats. Nonetheless, I have fond memories of sitting beside my boom box and taping my favorite songs off the radio. This CD is nicely packaged with great photos from various time periods of the group and is packed full of their best known hit singles. Like I stated earlier, I got into the 80′s period stuff and some of it was extremely cheesy. In the late 80′s and early 90′s when I discovered Kool & The Gang’s late 70′s material (like “Jungle Boogie”), I found more Funk, Jazz and Disco influences which I must admit a powerful weakness for. Lately I’ve really grown fond of Funky stuff like Dayton’s very own ZAPP! and Ohio Players. And Stevie Wonder is a god! I guess this white boy has a little bit o’ SOUL! – {Tom CoreKill}

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