Lennon – 5:30 Saturday Morning – CD

Lennon – 5:30 Saturday Morning – CD
(Arista Records) Lennon had the unfortunate distinction of having an album released on 9/11/01. What happened on 9/11 made music look like such a meaningless distraction. Now a while later I finally listened to the CD, which is hyped as the first teen performer in some time who isn’t blonde and actually can do more than shake her butt onstage and chirp to pop, since she writes her own music and plays instruments. Her first track is “Property of Goatfucker” which sets the tone and lets you know that she’s not innocent at all. Most of the music is fairly dark and walks a line near industrial, but doesn’t cross over, instead languishing somewhere between hard rock and pop. The closest comparison that comes to mind is a hard rock minded Fiona Apple. Lennon is a step in a better direction away from the bubblegum, I can’t wait to see what happens when she really gets her shit together. {Grog}

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