Luxt – Americoncussion Demo 1999 – Cassette

Luxt – Americoncussion Demo 1999 – Cassette
Luxt, from Sacramento, California, packs a hard punch with four industrial, metal-tinged tracks on Americoncussion Demo 1999. The metal core scene in Sacramento has obviously influenced the guitar work and some of the vocals on this venture. All four songs are extremely danceable, and highly enjoyable in that dance-your-anger-away, drive-a-lot-faster-than-you-should way…kind of like Hate Dept (well, in effect, but not too much in sound). Track one “Genocide Skin” and track four “Vulgar Monkey Love” both possess the correct recipe of tight, tart vocals, head-thrashing guitars, and killer beats. If played at a club, I wouldn’t be able to peel myself away from the dance floor on these numbers. Don’t be surprised if you see Luxt’s popularity growing sometime soon…you won’t be disappointed. {Lizi ‘BratBabyMonkey’}

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