Man Scouts of America – Crash Course – CD

Man Scouts of America – Crash Course – CD

Man Scouts of America - Crash Course - CDMan Scouts of America – Crash Course – CD
(RAFR Records) Okay, I chose this CD to review because I thought that Man Scouts of America was a pretty bitchin name. Not only that, but going by the cover artwork and the photos inside, I thought this would be a punk/metal kind of trip that might be interesting. Instead of some thoughtful techy punky stuff, I got some rehashed 1980′s cock-rock instead, minus the swaggering cock. This stuff made me feel like I should be shooting pool back in ’88 with a frizzy perm and acid washed Chic jeans on. I like metal and rock, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re going to do it, at least put a new spin on it. The Man Scouts of America’s sound is too clean to really get me going, and the singer, Rik Slave, sounds like he’s trying to be Vince Neil or Dee Snyder, but fails miserably. He even attempts one of those “Are you ready to ROOCCKK?!” types of screams a few times, but it’s just pathetic. “Crash Course” has the potential to be a good CD, but I think the Boy (oops, I mean Man) Scouts need to get a little grittier in sound and move into the new millennium to succeed.
- Lizi (2000)

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