Morphic Resonance – Morphogenesis – Cassette

Morphic Resonance – Morphogenesis – Cassette

Missing-CoverMorphic Resonance – Morphogenesis – Cassette
(Discipline Records) This is the debut album from Morphic Resonance, previously known as Dayton, OH’s Iconoclast. Since their name change they’ve also been mistakenly referred to as “Morphic Residence” and by 1470 West club’s DJ Pat as “Morphic Renaissance”, which just goes to show you it usually takes a while for people to get used to changes. Speaking of changes, there has been more than just a name change. Long time co-vocalist Rebekka Van Gogh has recently left to pursue another music project. The sound of the band since her departure has changed both vocally and musically into a harsher blend of Darkwave and Industrial. Their music is danceable to the extreme! There’s definitely a major old school Industrial influence by the likes of Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Klute, etc. One major influence on the band is Skinny Puppy, who they cover with a very fresh version of Assimilate (the unmentioned track at the end). They also remind me of early Skin Pup because they have that thundering wall of sound interspersed with pretty, melodic keyboard parts. The entire tape is generously sprinkled with excellent Skin Pup style film samples, like at the end of the track Multiple Personality Disorder, there’s a lengthy one from the Tim Robbins flick Jacob’s Ladder. I’ve known most of the members of the band for a while now, and they’re some of the most humble, easy going, fun loving kids you would ever want to meet, which might be surprising considering the tone of what they produce, but isn’t that the way it usually goes? They seem to be one of the most visible Industrial / Darkwave bands in Dayton and are quickly becoming one of the house bands at 1470 West. If you live in this area, I’d highly recommend catching them live if you haven’t already.
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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