Muse – Showbiz – CD

Muse – Showbiz – CD

muse-showbiz-cdMuse – Showbiz – CD
(Maverick Recording Company) This seems to be Euro-alterna-rock, but a cut above the typical. The strongest element is the lead vocals (Matthew Bellamy), who soars with a style reminding me of the late Jeff Buckley. As I go thru this album, I hear some good eclectic musical influences, soul, and what sounds like genuine emotion, perhaps a bit whiny, “Falling Down” and “Unintended” being good examples. This is all highly instrumentalized with lots of different sounds. Yeah, and they’re real slick, pretty boys, so look out ladies! Wouldn’t be surprised to see them on M TV (if I ever watched it!)
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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