Mushroomhead – XX – CD

Mushroomhead – XX – CD
(Eclipse Records) Cleveland, Ohio metal legends, Mushroom spew forth an insane new release. Obvious comparisons to the band Slipknot come to mind in both appearance, and sound. Mushroomhead is composted of eight members . Two vocalists, 2 guitarists, 2 member on keyboards and effects, a drummer and a bassist. The music is keyboard and guitar driven hardcore metal and metal rap. The vocals sometime sound like Pantera, sometime is sounds like Faith No More, then they change to death metal screams, then rap. That is enough to leave my head spinning. Mushroomhead have a fascination with masks and costumes. Obviously the band has constant S&M fantasies. Track one on the new CD slams in your face like Fear Factory with blistering industrial drum blasts. This seems to be a band to experience live. Hidden near the end of the CD is a hilarious four minutes phone call from a black man attempting to join a Black Metal band, too funny. Now I have a Mushroomhead CD to listed to while I play with my own mushroom head. {Johnny}

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