Plan A Project – Spirit of a Soldier – CD

Plan A Project – Spirit of a Soldier – CD

Plan-A-Project---Spirit-of-a-Soldier---CDPlan A Project – Spirit of a Soldier – CD
(Go-Kart Records) This is pretty typical sing-along-chorus type of punk rock. The lyrics are pretty thoughtful, and the songs are quick and energized. The vocals are a bit lacking; I think a stronger, rougher voice (like Al Barr from Dropkick Murphys) would do Plan A Project more justice, but on some of the songs, the back-up vocals help to remedy this. “Spirit of a Soldier” also contains a sadly flaccid sounding cover of the Clash’s White Riot that’s just plain disappointing. Again, stronger vocals=better sound. You’d probably want to pass on this, but you won’t kick yourself too many times if “Spirit of a Soldier” falls into your hands.
- Lizi (2000)

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