Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner – Chris Pospisil

Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner –  Chris Pospisil

(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #1 – Dec 1990)

Hey everybody. This is DeadBeat Corner where all the action is at!!!!! How many of you out there complain every so often that there is nothing to do in Dayton??? Well, maybe you just aren’t looking hard enough, or maybe you just don’t get to hear about what is going on until it has already happened. Well, I’m here to keep you informed about new local musicians that are playing out for your enjoyment and amusement. The first DeadBeat Corner features a musician from Kettering who has been playing at the Musician’s Co-Op at Canal Street Tavern for over a year. Chris Pospisil plays acoustic guitar and sings his poetry. He has appeared in a few issues of Nexus, which is a poetry magazine from Wright State University, and he even appears on the Nexus compilation album, Breathe on the Living.

Nickname: Popcicle.

Age: 21.

What type of music do you play?: Cowboy Dharma. Poetry readings with sound.

Favorite Song: “Terrapine Station” by the Grateful Dead, it changes everyday.

Important Information: I’m getting married to Heather (Sorry, girls!)

Favorie Cartoon Character: Freak Brothers.

Who’s Crazy?: You are, Gail. We all are.

Musical Influences: The things that happen to me in life and the things I dream.

Pastimes: Hiking, playing guitar, talking to Heather and writing poetry.

What’s Cool?: The state of coolness is arrived at when you no longer care about being cool.

Word of the Day: Thursday.

Euphoria: Euphoria is something that can happen everyday.

Pet Peive: People who ask me how I’m doing then never give me enough time to answer.

Dream Date: Bob Weir.

Who is the Devil?: We all are!!!

Favorite T.V. Show: Television has subliminal messages that make you stupid.

Final Comments: Nothing is ever final.

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