Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner – Fen

Psycho Gail’s Deadbeat Corner – Fen

(Originally Appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #3 – July 1993)

You may know her as Fen, that girl in ColaVision, or the psychotic one for living one year in the same house with Grog, Timmy Bo Dean Wyatt Earp, and Psycho Gail, but Jennifer Cook is one of the shining stars in Dayton’s PUNK ROCK scene (or lack thereof). Jen started to play bass guitar during the Summer of 1992 in the basement of the Oxymoron practice palace. Grog (Oxymoron bass player & Jen’s beau) gave her lessons at the South Dixie House of Hell. From there Jen started to play in a few basement bands which never got out of the basement. Finally Jen was asked by Patric Jones and Dave Grater to be part of a new band they were putting together and ColaVision was born.

Age: 25.

Nickname: Fen, Daphne.

Occupation: I’d rather not discuss it.

Religion: Don’t really have one. I used to be Catholic.

Favorite Song: I don’t have a favorite song. There are too many songs that I like.

Favorite Performers: The Oxymorons, No Means No, The Cure, They Might Be Giants.

Who’s the Devil?: Patric Jones.

Concerns: The environment, political system, justice and fairness.

Childhood Memory: Going through HELL at Catholic school.

Lifespan: Average.

Example: I don’t know what the hell this is supposed to mean.

Favorite Movies: Sid and Nancy, Blazing Saddles, Amazon Women on the Moon.

Pastimes: I don’t have any.

Scariest Thing Possible: Nick A. on a diet.

Interest: Traveling and having a good time.

Achievements: What is this? A resume.

Food: Chinese.

Color: Red & Black.

Favorite Product: Soap, What would I do without it?

Word of the Day: Cola.

Favorite Cartoons: Darkwing Duck, Calvin & Hobbes, the Farside & the Simpsons.

Best Concert: Aerosmith in 1986 and the Oxymorons in Flint, MI 1993.

Holiday: Valentine’s Day.

Turn ons: Really good music.

Favorite Beverage: Cola.

Favorite Magazine: Heavy Metal, Popular Science, Time and Mutant Renegade.

Scariest Roommate: Gail.

Philosophy of Life: I don’t have one yet. I really don’t.

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