Randy – You Can’t Keep A Good Band Down – CD

Randy – You Can’t Keep A Good Band Down – CD

randy-you-cant-keep-a-good-band-down-cdRandy – You Can’t Keep A Good Band Down – CD
(G-7 Welcoming Committee) The first song, Holy Shit, had me checking my CD player to make sure that I didn’t accidentally pop in the first Rancid album. After that jolt Randy settled into a very catchy hard driving punk-pop sound that had me hooked. The vocalist takes a while to get used to, but soon I grew to like his Swedish accent. The lyrics are a big part of this band and they are there to support the things they believe in. Some of the songs are just silly stories about life and the one about the Exorcist was lame, but overall they had a great non-pretentious attitude. They seem very committed to being who they want to be and are trying to make a difference, yet they know they have a way to go. “Me and the boys ain’t afraid to raise our voices but we hardly ever act it’s sad but it’s a fact, there is much for us to do, tear down and build up new, but we speak from our heart and that’s a start.”
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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