Red Martian – Automaton – CD

Red Martian – Automaton – CD

Red-Martian---Automaton---CDRed Martian – Automaton – CD
(Bughlt Records) If you can get past the creepy cover art, you will find a nicely put together post-punk release. On the cover, a girl is shoving a piece of bread that is phallic shaped into the armpit of another girl who looks as if she is about burst into tears. It looks like a child molester was the artist. It’s really disturbing and I think it would scare the average listener out of buying the CD. The songs are energetic. The guitars literally sound like the are bouncing up and down to the drum beats. The lyrics give the finger to conservative America and nazi racists. Stephen Jones vocals are crisp and bring the lyrics to life with the inspiration of a pissed off 17-year-old spirit.
- Gail Mutant (2000)

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