Renee Zawawi – Legends – CD

Renee Zawawi – Legends – CD

Missing-CoverRenee Zawawi – Legends – CD
(Renee Zawawi) Poor Renee, she really has had a traumatic youth that should never have happened to anyone. The fact that she got out of it and has a great attituide and tries to do so many good things is a testament to how wonderful and strong of a person she is. On top of that she is beautiful and has done modeling along with giving music and acting a shot.

Right now I’m talking about the music and her attempt to make a dance album. Renee really wants to be a singer and puts everything she can into the lyrics and vocals. But wants and hopes do not make good songs. The backing beats are all decent and could be at home in any dance club, however her vocals get to be torturous on some tracks. Like the poor phrasing and simplistic nature of “American Girrl” or the childish “Flirt With Me”. I really don’t know what she’s going for here. The lyrical phrasing just conflicts with the beats and the result is more times than not a train wreck. I wish I could like this, but instead most songs just make me cringe.
– Grog Mutant (2007)

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