Rob Zombie – American Made Music to Strip by – CD

Rob Zombie – American Made Music to Strip by – CD

Rob-Zombie---American-Made-Music-to-Strip-by---CDRob Zombie – American Made Music to Strip by – CD
(Geffen) I never really listened to any of Rob Zombie’s music before. In fact, I never paid him much attention until I saw him on VH1′s program The List. He seemed like the only intelligent person on the show, and I gained much respect for him as a person. So when we got this release in, I just had to review it. This is one kick ass release. If Ministry and Trent Reznor ever got together, this is what it would sound like. In fact, this is the direction that Ministry was starting to head, but they tripped somewhere on the way. Rob Zombie is struttin’ high with the ten re-mixes that make up this stompin’ CD. The cover art done by Mr. Zombie shows me that he is quite the graphic artist as well. I give this one the MRZ ChickenFish seal of approval.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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