Ruth Wallis – Greatest Hits – CD

Ruth Wallis – Greatest Hits – CD

Ruth Wallis - Greatest Hits - CDRuth Wallis – Greatest Hits – CD
(Ruth Wallis) Ruth was the queen of the dirty ditties back in the 50’s with saucy sendups featuring titles like; “Drill ‘em All”, “Boobs”, “The Army Gave My Husband Back”, “The Dinghy Song” and “He’d Rather Be A Girl”. She was banned in most places, but her records still sold amazing well. With her songs laced with double entendres Ruth was many people’s dirty little secret. Unfortunately we lost Ruth this past year to Alzheimer’s, but this release is a testament to her voice, humor and, um, wits. I really enjoyed discovering these songs. If you have any humor in your body you should seek them out too.
– Grog Mutant (2008)

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