Ryan Anderson – Trains Take Away Old Friends – CD

Ryan Anderson – Trains Take Away Old Friends – CD

Missing-CoverRyan Anderson – Trains Take Away Old Friends – CD
(Bi-Fi Records) The cover, and even some of the songs, will remind you of Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes. Don’t let that shoo you away, because it’s certainly not a bad thing to have two of a good thing around, were that the case. (No, I do not care one whit that Conor is considered passe by the overly critical chic elite now). No matter if you don’t like Bright Eyes, because the only sonic Oberstness is the DIY, retro sound and the over-usage of a nondescript (and probably cheap as hell) acoustic guitar and other sporadic days-gone-by instrumentation (yes, that includes banjo and possibly a harmonium). The Syd Barrett-isms are all over the place, something completely absent – with good reason – from Oberst‘s albums. Check out “The Names” – if that’s not warped by Piper-era Floyd, then nothing ever was nor will be. Yet it all works out in some strange way – though don’t get your hopes up; this isn’t a peanut butter-meets-chocolate moment, it’s more like a warm paper sack full of wet hair: really unexpected and jarring, but oddly comforting in its organic purity. “Get On Out” is classic rambling DIY weirdness, with more bizarre echoes than you can shake a Thai stick at. Most of the lyrics are pretty abnormal and full of hypnotically sing-song rhyming. He can be wistful and sincere just as much as he can be unnerving, but he’s rarely actually incoherent. This cat is just plain surreal, like Daniel Johnston, but with a (generally) fuller, more accessible sound. I can totally see him opening for the Pixies somehow. One can only hope he’s getting the help he needs.
– Jeremy Mutant (2006)

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