Shawn Waters & Groupthink – Songs For You – CD

Shawn Waters & Groupthink – Songs For You – CD

Shawn Waters & GroupthinkShawn Waters & Groupthink – Songs For You – CD
(Shawn Waters Groupthink) Shawn Waters has this odd Joe Cocker style of singing that I’ve always found annoying and at times he delves into rap which is markedly better than his singing. On some songs it’s interesting, but more times than not it sounds like a mumbling growl from a drugged out guy. The music even harkens back to the late ’60s when Cocker was at his height. The songs have a slight rhythm and blues feel to the discordant rock recorded in a lo-fi fashion. On each song there is a group of female background singers who are a step up from typical doo-wop girls and are my favorite part of the songs. The music itself from Groupthink is an interesting throwback to the psychedelic days, but blended together this release just doesn’t do it and ends up getting on my nerves.
– Grog Mutant (2007)

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