Shift*D – …From the Pages of Chad Muskoka – CD

Shift*D – …From the Pages of Chad Muskoka – CD

ShiftD---...From-the-Pages-of-Chad-Muskoka---CDShift*D – …From the Pages of Chad Muskoka – CD
(Crack Records) Truly awful!!!! This collection sounds like someone sat on the instruments. Wait a minute!! Is someone playing the bagpipes? All the songs are about this girl who leaves the lead singer and he’s crying about the two years in his life that he wasted with her. Get over it. Yeah, I feel sorry for you, Dan, because you can’t sing, play guitar, or write decent lyrics, but don’t dedicate a whole album to how some girl broke your heart into two thousand pieces because it makes you look even more pathetic. My advice for you is to go home, learn how to play your instruments, and learn what rhythm is before you make another CD. I bet they offer music lesson at a local music store near you. Go for it, man. I dare you.
- Gail Mutant (2000)

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