Steely Dan – Aja – CD

Steely Dan – Aja – CD

Steely-Dan---Aja---CDSteely Dan – Aja – CD
(MCA / Universal Records) If there is one Steely Dan album that you had to own, this one should be it. While every song on this re-release is killer, it’s worth getting just for the tune Peg. It is nothing short of awesome. This release has such a jammin’ groove all the way through, it’s no surprise that it’s a classic. The songs on this disc have a jazz/disco/bluesy/dance feel. What makes me like this band even better is that they did things on their own terms and were famous for their contempt for the mainstream press. And just in case the question comes up in a game of music Trivia Pursuit, Steely Dan is the name of a dildo in a William S. Burrough’s story.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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