Stevie Wonder – Music of My Mind (1972) – Hotter Than July (1980) – CD

Stevie Wonder – Music of My Mind (1972) – Hotter Than July (1980) – CD
(Motown / Universal Records) What can I say about Stevie Wonder?! I have been so much IN LOVE with his music for years now. He is truly an unparalleled prodigy with an astounding vocal range and musical abilities that are nothing to sneeze at. He’s just a smooth operator. On all of his albums since the 70′s (as far as I know), he has single-handedly written, produced, and arranged his records. His insistence on independence is inspiring, even more so because he is blind. Stevie has sincere Spiritual integrity and expresses his beliefs through his songs. He also has a big heart and writes about his love for people in general and also women specifically. Between these two albums, Stevie touches on so many different styles which attest to his versatility and love for variety. Bouncing from Soul, Gospel, R & B, Reggae, Funk, Disco, and all the way to Country, Stevie “wonderfully” conveys his mood and the “music of his mind”. – {Tom CoreKill}

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