Strange & Exotic Dayton – Lisa Skirts

Strange & Exotic Dayton – Lisa Skirts

(Summer 2003)

Before it went up in ashes Mutant Renegade Zine was going to focus and entire issue on Sex. And since the biggest industry out there is internet porn, I decided that I would try to find someone who had a such a site in the Dayton area. The search wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Lisa Skirts was the first person I wrote and asked for an interview, and here is the results of our email converstion that took place in 2001.

TCFS – How long have you been doing your adult web site and what made you decide to do an adult web site in the first place?

LS – My “original” venture with web design began in 1998. It WAS NOT an adult site, but rather the tool that I used for Web Design and as a promotion for the Gay Lesbian and Trans Gendered Communities for Dayton and the surrounding areas

After collaborating a big following of people and becoming ever more increasingly exposed on the net some things began to change. There were interests there (from all of the perverts of Cyberspace) to see nude photos….etc…etc….

Having access to a digital camera promoted the extrovert in me to develop series of “naughty” pics and videos. Which were soon added to my collection of “stuff” on my site.

Ummmmmmm…..Cyber Rules regulate the content of any and all websites on the net…and since…mine did contain sex and adult content…..*POOF*… originated and joined CyberSpace in the year 2000.

So basically my Adult Site evolved merely as a result of a personal homepage that kinda got out of hand…..*GRINNS*

TCFS – It seems like a pretty bold step for someone to put nude photos and videos on the web for the world to see, even for an extrovert. Was the decision to expose yourself in such a way a difficult one, or have you exercised your extroverted side previously in realms outside the Internet?

Lisa – I think that it is safe to say that I have exposed my extroversion “outside” of the realms of the Internet. Fantasy and creativity are to blame. The thrill of “getting caught” is the driving force behind my fantasy…and extroversion. *GRINNS*

TCFS – When did your urge to be an exhibitionist first manifest itself?

Lisa – Ummmmmmm…..that is a hard time frame to nail down…because I have always been that way. But as far as the internet…and are concerned…….it all started two years ago. Ummmmmm….innocently trading pics in chat rooms and stuff….and before i knew it……that is all that I spent my time doing…..LOL……..creating a huge following of people who wanted to see the Dirty side of Skirty. *GRINNS*

TCFS – Why did you choose to include a diary on your website?

Lisa – People wanna hear personal stuff……the “REAL” stuff..

TCFS – Can you give me samples of some reactions that your family and friends had when you first started doing the web site?

Lisa – Ummmmmmmm….some of them Plead the 5th….while others….never said a word! LOL

TCFS – Since your web site is basically a hobby that got out of hand, are there days where you feel it’s not enjoyable any more?

Lisa – NO WAY! I love it…just wish that I had more time to spend on it………….*s*

TCFS – It is often said that women who are in the sex industry (be it on the internet, in a porno, stripping, or as a prostitute) were abused or sexually molested when they were younger. Is this true in your case or did the “thrill” come about naturally?

Lisa – This is totally false in my case…..the “thrill” came about naturally.

TCFS – On your website you have a form where you will make people’s fantasies come true. This form and it’s rules are grounded in BDSM, This seems a bit risky, not only with the possible spreading of STD’s but on legal grounds as well. Can you elaborate on this more?

Lisa – First of all…”SafeSex” is MY number 1 policy. Being intertwined with the gay community, it is my objective to be responsible. So with those bases covered……..the legal aspect would be supported by the fact that all of my acquaintances MUST BE over the age of 21 and agree that they are legal consenting adults. If an acquaintance should refuse to agree to those terms…then….the entire situation is null and void.

TCFS – Have you ever turned down a fantasy request? and if so why?

Lisa – Yes. I can say that I have. The BSDM arena is built on trust….even though…it is a sexual act. At least…if it were performed correctly…one would look at it that way. *s*
…..there is a process to the “Fantasy request”…and it involves meeting the person/persons…..and getting acquainted. At which point I decide if “they” are adequate for the fantasy that they have requested.

It also depends on my mood….and how far I am willing to go. *GRINNS*

TCFS –You said you like the thrill of being caught. Has there ever been situations where you have been caught? and if so what were the consequences?

Lisa – Yes……several occasions……and getting caught was the goal. Being bold enuf to do what others only dream of doing… limits… boundaries…no rules. Who was gonna stop us? *GRINNS* There were never any legal ramifications….for our actions…because of course…our company was as perverted as we were…and encouraged it.

TCFS – You say that you will fulfill other people’s fantasies, what fantasy of yours do you still have yet to fulfill?

Lisa – Tough question…only in that…..being totally uninhibited….I think that every combination possible has been explored…from one extent to another. However……if the mood were rite…..I may subject myself to some extreme S&M…..ummmm…..immediately followed by some good sex of course…..*GRINNS*

TCFS – Tell me about your involvement in the gay community.

Lisa – The Gay~Lesbian~bi-Sexual and TransGendered Communities~ have 100% of my support. Thus being demonstrated by Pride Marches….benefits….those types of things.

TCFS – “What is the second most embarrassing thing that you have experienced about your site…

Lisa – I had mentioned that I accidentally sent my mother an e-mail from my mailing list…with a buncha naughty pics attached….”

Well…..I did a mass mailing….about a month ago….and….I had forgotten that I had been sending out resumes…….*BIGG GRINNS*…so by default….a local employer…that I used to work for….was included in the mailing.

I got a very discreet response from her…..and thank God I knew her personally……it went something like…..
“Dear Lisa” “Should we include this as one of your attributes towards permanent employment?”

I wanted to die!

….and ironically….there was a big mess going on with MEAD …at the time…and the fact that….they had a woman that worked for them….who eventually sued them….because they used her as private entertainment for the executives at company functions and stuff………there was a BIGG write up about it in the VOICE…….

TCFS – so what do you do when you have your camera on?

it depends. Most of the time…” nothing major”, just talking…and working. LOL

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