THE SUB-HUMANS – SS-20 – RAW POWER Live at Bogarts (Cincinnati, OH)

THE SUB-HUMANS – SS-20 – RAW POWER Live at Bogarts (Cincinnati, OH)
Maria from Blue Ghost set me up with two tickets to see the Sub-Humans, who I never got to see since they broke up so long ago. I’ve seen Citizen Fish a few times, but now I was going to see Citizen Dick and Trotsky’s original band. So I got over to Gail’s house and waited for her and Johnny Death to both show up. The show was starting at 8 and we finally left Gail’s at 8 to head down to Cincinnati, knowing we would miss at least one band.

When we got down there we walked up and Bogarts actually had me on their list, years ago there were always problems with their guest lists. Outside there were tons of punkers hangin’ out, so I figured it would be pretty packed. It was a pretty weird scene inside since it was all ages. There was a mixture of old punks and young punks who weren’t even in first grade when the Sub-Humans broke up.

On stage SS-20 was playing, so we bought beers and stood on the floor. Their set of decent standard hardcore was soon over and we headed back to the bar area. Gail saw a few old friends and John saw a person who fucked him over (she shall remain nameless). Then we headed back on the floor for the Sub-Humans, since they had just started.

They broke into their great ska influenced punk songs and about half the crowd was skanking, pogoing or at least be-boppin’ around. I finished my beer and headed off into the thick of the crowd. I spent the remainder of their set rotating between the pit and standing in the second row. The crowd was a lot of fun and it was great to be back in a real punk pit, with everybody helping each other out and watching out for the people not participating in the pit. There was a bit of crowd surfing, but they kept heading into the pit, which is a bad place to surf. I returned to John and Gail covered with sweat and when they did an encore I got John to join me in the pit. He left soon however since people kept pulling on his long hair.

I didn’t really recognize many songs, since I haven’t heard them for quite a while, but you could definitely tell that this was where Citizen Fish came from. After the show, we got invited to the free show at Sudsy’s. We hung out for a while, then some band started playing. I listen to one song then went for a walk outside. I ran into a few old friends and meet some people, then just enjoyed walking around the city at night. I love doing that, it’s so exhilarating (some people call it dangerous). Then I ambled back into Sudsy’s to find Gail and John bored and waiting for me, so we headed back to Dayton.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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