Subterra – The Speed of Pain – CD

Subterra – The Speed of Pain – CD

subterra-the-speed-of-pain-cdSubterra – The Speed of Pain – CD
(American Horse Records) Okay, if Weird Al Yankovic has anything to do with this record, then I can accept it. This is supposed to be funny, right? …Guys? …Hello? It’s okay to laugh isn’t it? Sometimes I think they’re being deep, and then suddenly I notice a talented and refined grasp of the obvious. I’m doing my best to be witty. If it’s not working, then you’ve shared the experience of “The Speed of Pain” with me. Let’s all go out to the garage, smoke a fat one, listen to Zeppelin, and fall asleep in some old bucket seats from a long-dead, Dodge Omni. The gnomes… listen to the gnomes…
- Superchunk Steve (2000)

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