Temple of Misery – Live Demo – Cassette

Temple of Misery – Live Demo – Cassette
This is one of the initial releases by a Dayton, OH newborn band. They go for the Gothic sound with some Punk Rock, Industrial and Metal influences. I find it amusing that their acronym, “ToM”, is also my own name; yet another thing to pump up my over-inflated ego. Lead vocalist “Lygia Travesty” is a classically trained singer. Her lungs burst forth with a lofty sonic banshee wail. At times her vocals are somewhat off key, but these kinks, along with others, will undoubtedly get worked out in the near future. The music behind the voice is harsh and bombastic, with synthesized strings and keyboard effects from “Rayn Maudlin” adding that extra special touch. The percussion is zealous and frenzied. I’d say it’s a safe bet that these young upstarts will create quite a stir in Dayton’s self-rejuvenating local music scene. They will spank your ass and send you back home to Mommy in tears! – {Tom CoreKill}

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