The Davenports – Speaking of the Davenports – CD

The Davenports – Speaking of the Davenports – CD

The-Davenports---Speaking-of-the-Davenports---CDThe Davenports – Speaking of the Davenports – CD
(Mother West) The first song, Girls Night Out sounded somewhat like Paul McCartney / Beatles or XTC. I read the lyrics from that track about the local social scene / nightlife / single young adulthood, and I could really relate. The second track, Object In the Mirror sounded a lot like Matthew Sweet. They even reminded me in some spots of a great Dayton, OH band called Mink. Hmmm, interesting. The last song, Five Steps (you’re over) seemed to be a subtle discourse on shooting up drugs, but I could be wrong. Scott Klass is a very good vocalist and on some songs he sounds like Spooky Ruben (I doubt many of you have ever heard of them) and on some he sounds like They Might Be Giants. I know it’s bad to rely too heavily on comparisons to other bands in a review, but on this one it seems impossible for me to do otherwise. I guess I could just simply state that there are a wide variety of influences playing upon this recording, anywhere from 60s British Invasion bands to late 80s college rock.
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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