The Quitters’ – Second Album – CD

The Quitters’ – Second Album – CD
(Garage Pop Records) I was sitting trying to figure just who this band reminded me of so that I might adequately describe them. Some bands that initially popped into my head were New Duncan Imperials, They Might Be Giants and Webb Wilder, Mick Jagger and The Cult. I know it’s all very weird. For the most part the music is great alternative rock, while the vocals are a link between Mick Jagger and The Cult but with the twangy flair of Webb Wilder. While a few of the tunes have the quirky feeling of the New Duncan Imperials or a more serious They Might Be Giants. I know it all sounds weird. Maybe I took one too many allergy pills today. One thing is clear, this CD is great. {Mite}

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