Unwritten Law – Unwritten Law – CD

Unwritten Law – Unwritten Law – CD

Unwritten Law - Unwritten Law - CDUnwritten Law – Unwritten Law – CD
(Interscope Records) Well, I first heard, saw and met these guys at the Warped tour. They were pretty cool, but I didn’t have any strong feeling towards them. They seemed like young, horny, slightly egotistical guys. With their CD there was a set of six tarot cards, one for each member and one band card. I found this really cool since I just had my first tarot card reading a few weeks ago. Most of their songs are about women or sex in general with hints of more beneath the surface, but given the tarot card aspect I think there is definitely more to them then they show on this album (unless it’s just a clever marketing ploy). Their music is heavy alternative like a mix between Bad Religion and Soundgarden with a touch of heavy metal lyrics thrown in, sung in a smooth alternative way. Overall a pretty cool CD, I’ll be keepin’ it.
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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