U.S. Crush-U.S. Crush – CD

U.S. Crush-U.S. Crush – CD
(Immortal Records) Take a pop/power punk sound, add irresistible harmonies, a heavily radio-friendly element, and you’d have a damn good band. Pour a jug of Clorox over it, and then you’d have U.S. Crush. This self-titled release has the squeakiest-clean sound I’ve ever heard on an album: there is no grit to this at all. U.S. Crush is possibly the new wave of punk influenced music; a new breed of punk, if you will, where studio prowess seems to be the really remarkable aspect. U.S. Crush is musically talented as well – the catchy sing-along choruses and harmonies aren’t just pulled out of their asses. The sound is very college-friendly too-goes great with cheap beer and silly frat parties. The album also features a hidden track that is best off staying hidden; it’s a bit lack luster compared to the rest of the album. All in all, not bad at all. Keep an eye out for U.S. Crush on college radio charts and MTV, because they’re definitely on their way up. {Lizi ‘BratBabyMonkey’}

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