U.S. Maple – “Talker” – CD

U.S. Maple – “Talker” – CD

u-s-maple-talker-cdU.S. Maple – “Talker” – CD
(Drag City) Devo began the de-evolution of music back in the eighties. Here in 1999 U.S. Maple has achieved perfect and precise deconstruction. Precise and calculated compositional entropy and random, flourishing guitar squeals are impacted over a total irreverence for the single-time-signature-per-song/verse/instrument theory. They break songs down into tiny bits. It’s kind of like smashing plate glass, picking up six of the pieces, gluing them back together and calling the finished product a jar. (And, it’s a pretty fucking amazing jar, by the way.) If the corporate rock gods knew what a band like U.S. Maple means to popular American music, they’d have them immediately thrown to the lions!
- Superchunk Steve (2000)

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