V/A – Beast of British – CD

V/A – Beast of British – CD
(Deck Cheese / High Speed Recordings) This is a collection of 20 British punk bands and is a good representation of all your familiar styles such as hardcore, old skool, skapunk, skate punk, punk pop or street punk. Overall I thought it was a great comp and a great way to show what all punk is coming out of Britain. In case you’re curious the bands included are: Travis Cut, Jesse James, Shootin’ Goon, Annalise, Douglas, The Foamers, Varukers, Spine, Sick on the Bus, Mouthwash, UK Subs, Scuttle, Bierscooter, Dog Toffee, Engage, Capdown, Vanilla Pod, Cleatus, King Prawn and Southport. So crank it up and get ready to slam motherfucker. {Grog}

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