V/A – Boycott Radical Records – CD

V/A – Boycott Radical Records – CD

Missing-CoverV/A – Boycott Radical Records – CD
(Radical Records) This compilation CD makes me feel tired, hyped-up, sweaty, and mad as hell…just like the circle pits at punk rock shows do. “Boycott Radical Records” is one fan-fucking-tastic sampler of ’77 style punk rock and ska, if I do say so myself. The twenty-five tracks include a few cuts from some of my personal favorites, including Blanks 77 and Inspector 7. The Cuffs deserve props for their cuts too, including the hot-ass Never Forget. Quick, run out and buy this comp, or blow a hell of a lot and buy all the full-lengths featured on this. You’d be happy both ways, but you’ll probably be able to make that car payment if you just buy “Boycott Radical Records”. The choice is yours.
- Lizi (2000)

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