V/A – Fall Asleep to This – CD

V/A – Fall Asleep to This – CD

VA---Fall-Asleep-to-This---CDV/A – Fall Asleep to This – CD
(Smart Ass Records) Yet another Punk compilation to wade through…but, hey, this one’s pretty interesting. I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the bands on it either. Many of the tracks are really loose, extremely short garage style Punk Rock, but I don’t want to give the impression that they’re shitty. I got a kick out of Section 8′s Let’s Skate. I enjoyed Mart!ans’ Take Her Back. I Hate Gym by Sound Spasm was absolutely silly (in a good way). Pocket Protector did Our First Song which was totally whacked! I think my favorite cut was Floz’s Girls Are Dumb. The vocalist for Ferd Mert sounded frighteningly like Ben Schelker, (the deceased singer of Dayton, OH band !The Oxymorons) and their song Barbeque clocked in at a wee 38 seconds. This CD is only $6 postage paid, so it might be worth your while to check out.
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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