V/A – Geek Monger Music Vol 1 – CD

V/A – Geek Monger Music Vol 1 – CD
(Murk Ta Records) This is billed as 20 bands you’ve never heard of but you soon will since they rock. Actually I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived in the midwest and see several of these bands. The ones I know and love are Pezz, Tales from the Birdbath (ex-Sicko), The Migraines, Jettison (have a song in American Pie 2), The Jackalopes and Superstar Rookie. Thanks to this disc I’ve also now heard Openhand, The Mixelpricks, The Banned, The Grand Prixx, Textbook, The Ninjas, Thundermug U.S., Manatee, The Mormons, 12cent, Tom Daily, Dead End Kids, Woolworthy and Charlie Pathetic. I have to agree that all these bands are great and deserve extra attention. {Grog}

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